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Video: Porsche 911 GT3 Setting 7:12:07 At Nürburgring

With the review embargoes lifted on the GT3, reviewers all over the world are making a unified declaration. This is a good car. And even though the initial batch of press cars didn't come with a 3-pedal option like they'd hoped, it doesn't mar the tenacious excitement the GT3 coalesces between it and the driver. The GT3 is said to be a car that's adjustable and modular - not in the way it can mechanically evolve - but in a way that responds to your driving. It's a car that returns as much effort and energy as you put in. That's why this 991.2 GT3, in the hands of a racing professional, sets records that demolishes old Porsches.

In fact, the new GT3 is so fast it eclipses the 991.1 GT3 record by 12.3 seconds making it the quickest 911 to ever run around the Nürburgring. The only Porsche faster than the GT3 now is the 918 Spyder maintaining a 15 second lead. Its 7:12:07 time is within tenths of a second to the Dodge Viper ACR--but the beauty of the Porsche is its ability to return to a calm Bruce Banner on the road instead of the always-on Hulk smash attitude perpetuating from the Viper. We think it's safe to say this Porsche is a success. A $143,000 lesson in the best way to combine motorsport and everyday livability into one 3,153 lb coupe.