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Toyota Unveils 2020 Corolla Sedan

In the automotive enthusiast circle the term econobox has a slightly negative connotation. It means a car that’s slow, boring, soulless, ect. The definitive opposite of fun. A car that can only do A to B. A car for people that have given up the will to live.

Truthfully, that circle is very small. To the rest of the ninety-nine percent non-enthusiasts, an econobox is reliable, safe, cheap to purchase, cheap to run, and cheap to insure. A means of transportation that can be depended on day in and day out. A car that can ensure and improve your livelihood. And the Toyota Corolla is econobox supreme.

It may not be as fast as its competition (with a 168 horsepower, 137 lb-ft 2.0-liter engine), or as pretty to look at, or as large as its "compact” rivals, but the Corolla has a reputation for racking up hundreds of thousands of miles without breaking a sweat. Keep a Corolla regularly maintained and you’ll find half a million miles on the odometer is less than half of its expected lifespan.

Although the 2020 Toyota Corolla sedan won’t be arriving in the U.S. and Europe until Spring, 2019, if you’re interested in finding out what this 12th generation model will feel like today you can simply walk into a Toyota dealership and drive a 2019 Corolla Hatchback. For all intents and purposes, the Corolla sedan will purely identical to its larger-trunked sibling - only it will be cheaper….. with a smaller trunk.

On the outside, the Corolla sedan (now based on the TNGA platform) takes on styling elements evident across all Toyota models. Its grille is more prominent - larger - with hexagonal slats covering its previously visible bumper bar. Its headlights run closer to the center, now featuring a distinct LED DRL signature. And in the rear, tail lights are horizontally stretched; accented by a black trim line running across its trunk. It’s ever so slightly more exciting to look at but still falls into the ‘boring’ category.

Practically, the 12th generation model is 0.4-inches longer, 0.2-inches wider, and 1.7-inches shorter than the old Corolla. Its height reduction is meant to lower its center of gravity to improve handling, accompanied by headroom retention from seats that sit lower to the ground. Its wheelbase remains the same which means there won’t be any significant differences to interior room.

Toyota calls the interior design “Sensuous Minimalism”. We can see it’s minimal, but we don’t feel sensual looking at it. The cabin’s centerpiece is an 8-inch Entune 3.0 touchscreen. It supports Siri, Amazon Alexa, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple CarPlay. Android Auto is omitted for now until Google and Toyota reach an agreement on its privacy policy. Drivers that opt for a top-trim XSE model gain a 7-inch multi-information display set in the gauge cluster.

The 2020 Corolla sedan is also equipped with optional wireless phone charger, automatic high beams, forward collision prevention, backup camera, adaptive cruise control, optional blind spot monitor, strut front with rear multi-link suspension, wider tires, 6-speed manual, and optional Direct Shift CVT. A hybrid option will be available.

If you’re wondering what to expect from the new Corolla sedan, reviews for the hatchback will paint an accurate picture. The hatchback’s handling is acceptable, though its underpowered engine takes over 8 seconds to get to 60 mph. Hard rubber compound tires provide low rolling resistance for (C&D tested) 38 mpg combined but comes at a cost with a long braking distance. Its interior cabin is one of the most quiet in its class. Econobox things.

Expect prices for the 2020 Corolla sedan to start around $18,500 up to $22,000 in its highest trim. U.S. and European sales are set for early spring, 2019. Western markets will be receiving the ‘Levin’-style Corolla.