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Synchro Motorsport Builds Civic Type-R Pickup Truck Concept

"That's not a pickup truck."

Some Americans would say. And they're probably right. It's unibody. It's front wheel drive. It's never all wheel drive. And the tailgate lifts up. But you know what? It's a neat concept. And the specialist engineers at Honda UK that built this car only used a pre-production model so it's better to believe it can either get crushed or turned into what it is now. Some would say it'd live a better life if it were crushed. We say it's fine as long as Honda promises to build only one.

What it is now is a short-cab compact-bed hybrid pickup-car. Everything from the B-pillar rewards (Except for the rear wing) has been rebuilt and custom engineered to house a 'flatbed' with cross hatch metallic-style liner. We put flatbed in quotes because its high-mounted suspension geometry intercedes much of its potential cargo capacity. Honda also allows the rear wing to be movable for easier loading though anything taller a meter would have to be pushed from the side.

From the B-pillar forwards the Civic Type-R Pickup concept utilizes standard hardware used on road-going models. Its 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four continues to produce 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. Honda says the Project P (Codename for the concept) can accelerate from zero-to-100 kmh in less than 6 seconds, rendering it 'one of the fastest pickup trucks on UK roads'. A bold claim backed by project lead's Alyn James who says his team has plans to send it to the Nürburgring to take the title of 'fastest front wheel drive pickup truck'. An oxymoron by American standards.

But, again, the world has room for only one Civic Type-R Pickup Truck. And we'd best hope Honda promises not to build any more.