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Mazda Introduces Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to Mazda6 Sedans

If we're going to be a bit honest, the Mazda6 is not the best choice for a $25,000 mid-sized sedan. That goes to the Honda Accord. An honor that will hold true for the next several years. And the market response to the Mazda6 could be better - with the Hyundai Sonata outselling it 3-to-1. But if everyone bought cars with spreadsheets instead of choosing from the heart Alfa Romeo would've been extinct decades ago.

That's where the Mazda6 shines the most. If it were our $25,000 to spend, we'd rather have the Mazda6 on our driveway more than any other mid-size family sedan. The Mazda6 has that 'looking back while walking away in a parking lot' factor. And if you love driving as much as we do, no spreadsheet can measure its importance. Now, onto the update.

Mazda will be bringing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity to all Mazda6 sedans with Touring trim or higher starting November, 2018. The update will allow its MAZDA CONNECT infotainment system to be compatible with both smartphone operating systems via 2.1-amp USB port. Current 2018 Mazda6 (Touring trim or higher) drivers will be eligible for a free dealership-installed upgrade starting in September. The install is a hardware-based update so owners will also receive a faster-charging USB port and the latest version of Mazda's infotainment software.

2018 Mazda6 sedans start at $21,950 for Sport trim while the next-step Touring trim starts at $25,700. Updated 2019 model year Mazda6 sedan sales begins spring, 2018. The refresh adds more sound insulation, higher quality interior materials, standard LED headlights, redesigned seats, front seat ventilation, radar cruise control, windshield wiper de-icer, more rigid steering rack, revised suspension, thicker wheel wells, and thicker trailing links.