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2019 Hyundai Santa Fe To Offer Fingerprint Identification

Many automotive manufacturers today are moving away from how we use the traditional key fob. The most prevalent system is often referred to as ‘keyless go’ - whereby key fob bearers may open doors and start the engine based on proximity. Some manufacturers expand on this idea with a companion app on smartphones, allowing car owners to start engines and open doors with just a verified phone. But with an increasingly weary climate regarding personal security, the idea of transmitting your bona fides wirelessly can be an uncomfortable prospect.

So how can our car identify rightful owners in a natural and secure way? Your fingerprint, of course. And Hyundai claims to be the first to stake a flag in this new territory with the 2019 Santa Fe.

Sitting flush on both ends of the door handle and on the engine start button lies a capacitive sensor. The sensor is built to read not only fingerprint patterns but also electricity levels in order to reduce the possibility of forgeries. Once the reading is complete, its data is sent to an in-car fingerprint identification chip which is used to store, encrypt, verify, and improve future fingerprint readings. According to Hyundai, a fingerprint ID is five times more effective in misrecognition prevention than a standard key fob with a 1 in 50,000 chance for mistake.

As with all cars today, your fingerprint ID can be tied to an in-car profile. 2019 Santa Fe models will automatically adjust its seats, connectivity options, and side mirrors to your fingerprint, with added customization to be added in the future. Hyundai also mentions more of their cars will be receiving this technology on an unannounced timeline.

The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe is a 5-seater mid-sized SUV entering its fourth generation. Sales start first quarter 2019.